Advertisement server for farmers provides a sophisticated automated service - from information emails to generate invoices. Almost no further administrator activity is required, of course except of counting the earned money! :)

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Anyone can be a hero

Another original project of League of Human Rights in Brno, which highlights the personalities who were not afraid to go against the tide… čtěte dále

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Family of boutiques Nápadité.cz is an example of a small e-commerce solution with a narrow range of goods. In such a case is the main… čtěte dále

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Web-based information portal of JCMM organization in Brno is one of our long-term projects. The system includes a registration system, CMS… čtěte dále

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Férová justice

The newest web of a serie created for Ligue of human rights in Brno. This project is focused on fairness in czech law system. čtěte dále

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